What Does it Take to Build a Team?

Contrary to popular belief, as you move up the career ladder, you realize that you can’t do things alone. Being successful in your career really depends upon your ability to share power and to give others the ability to manage their work. This is the reason why teams are important.

In order to accomplish more in the workplace, you as the leader must learn how to effectively put together a team. Unfortunately, many managers do not do this very well. Teams tend to get created haphazardly. Consider taking the time to strategically put together an effective team.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Always pick team members who have a variety of different skills, knowledge, points of view and yes, personalities that work well together. You want to select members who are dependable and are capable of getting the job done.
  2. Make sure you review the goals that the team will be working to accomplish. There will be corporate goals to consider, department goals and goals for the team. There must be understanding and buy-in from everyone in order to get the desired result.
  3. Work with the team to devise a plan of action that will best achieve the goal. Remember, all opinions have value. Do not leave anyone out.
  4. Look at each team member’s skills and together assign roles and responsibilities that are appropriate and will give each team member the ability to shine. Team members must understand that their role contributes to the overall goal and thus, is important.
  5. Discuss expectations and how you as the leader will monitor performance. Explain when, where and how often you will give feedback.
  6. The most important thing that you must have in every team is trust. Team members must feel that they will be able to communicate openly and honestly about concerns or wins as others listen with respect and integrity. Team members must be able to celebrate successes as well as solve problems and disagreements amicably.
  7. Last, but not least, train your team in teamwork. Just because you handpicked your team and you are working with some of the greatest minds in your industry doesn’t mean that these people can work well together. Take time to review skills in project management, conflict resolution, communication and other team-building skills. Your team will function better and give you peace of mind.

By following these steps for building a team, you will be able to achieve far more and create more success than you ever would have achieved alone.

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