5 Ways to Be More Positive At Work

Let’s face it: It has been a tough economic recession and with companies continuing to downsize it can be difficult to have a positive attitude. You are doing more with less, you are stressed and you are not always feeling your best. It is said that it takes more energy to be upbeat and positive then it does to be cranky and negative. Given the times it may be a challenge, but being more positive in your workplace can not only make you feel better, it can actually create a space for you to advance in your career.

Here are 5 ways to “rev up” that positivity muscle:

Focus on what you want

Positive people look at the big picture.  You might be a Sr. Manager with your eye on an Executive Director title. You may be planning to take the plunge and start your own business.  By focusing your thoughts on what you want and being optimistic about it rather than what you don’t want (to stay where you are), you will create a situation that will create a positive outlook in anticipation for that next step.

Educate yourself

Professional development and self-education are great ways to live a more positive life. Read books on the areas of your life you want to improve. Take professional development classes. For example, if you want to improve in your public speaking or presentation skills, join a Toastmasters club or take a workshop on the subject.


This is a very simple gift that you can give to yourself and others and will bring more positivity into your life. I have also found that just being appreciative can turn an angry, sad and frustrated mood around to a more positive one. Every day, think of at least 5 things to be grateful for in your current role at work. It could be flexibility or autonomy in how you do your job, helpful and friendly colleagues, interesting and exciting work, a great boss who is more like a mentor than a boss, an easy commute, or your own successful contributions that you have given. Every day spend a few moments thinking about an aspect of your current work that you are grateful for.

Don’t compare yourself to others

This was a big challenge for me early in my career.  When you compare yourself to others you basically create a lot of unnecessary stress in your life. You can become insecure and not confident in your abilities. Remember, you are a unique individual with your own talents and gifts; and besides, you don’t know what that other person had to do to get where she is anyway! Focus on your own life. Do You.

Leverage Chance Opportunities

When you have a positive outlook you are more open to creating, noticing and acting upon chance opportunities. You can do this in many ways including, adopting a relaxed attitude, networking, and being open to new people and experiences.
By following these few simple tips, you will notice your mood lift, your outlook look brighter and you are ready to take on new and exciting challenges.  And here is another hint: others will notice it too and will respond in kind!

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