How to Build and Keep Your Career Confidence

In these tough economic times, it is easy to have your confidence shaken when there is a lay-off or when you get passed over for a promotion, or when you didn’t get hired for that “dream job.” Even when things are going seemingly well, you feel that you must constantly prove your worth and value in order to keep your job.

Some people suffer from what is known as career insecurity. Career insecurity is the perceived fear of losing one’s employment and status.  According to Kimberly Roush of All Star Executive Coaching in the Los Angeles area, “many people place a lot of self-worth in their job or title. Without it, they fear they will be ‘nothing.’ Fear can be immobilizing and lead to inaction when action is the most critical.” She suggests, “thinking of yourself as an independent agent of your own career and strive to be proactive rather than reactive.”

With that said how do you build and keep your confidence as you move along your career path?  Here are five important tips to remember:

  1. There is a saying by Oscar Wilde: ‘be yourself because everyone else is taken.’ This is so true. When you try to be someone else it could potentially be perceived as inauthentic.
  2. Always do what you feel is right.  Even if others criticize your decisions.  Trust yourself.
  3. Keep a positive support system around you at all times. Every career professional should have a mentor or coach in his or her corner.
  4. Identify your successes in your career and in your life.  Write down your accomplishments, no matter how small. You will be amazed at how amazing you really are.
  5. Think of failure as a good thing. Failure is all part of your success. If you haven’t failed, at least once, you’re not growing.
  6. Be willing to take risks. If that means branching out on your own and starting your own business or taking another position to advance your career, then do it. Nothing says confidence more than taking a calculated risk.

Building your career confidence takes time.  Consider this, as you move up the career ladder, you will gain more skills and as a result, more confidence in your abilities.  Remember to ‘do you.’  By being yourself, knowing your value,  trusting yourself and taking risks, your confidence will soar at each step in your career.

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