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True Synergy, Inc

We are celebrating 10 years specializing in behavioral and organizational change. 


Who We Are

"We help organizations build continuity and agility in an age of constant, lighting fast, transformational change."

True Synergy, established on March 11, 2010, helps corporate leaders at high-growth, mid-size and global companies develop their people and organizational cultures with mindsets and habits that create organizational effectiveness, individual excellence, sustainable change, and overall brand profitability.  

Our methodology is rooted in the applied behavioral sciences with a focus on SELF as an instrument of change. We use integrated practices that help companies transform into thriving, collaborative and truly inclusive work environments.

Our fabulous team of consultants is comprised of behavioral and organizational evolution specialists from a variety of disciplines, with many years of experience, to help our clients solve their biggest people and organizational challenges.

Our Approach

We take an integrated, experiential, behavioral-based approach to corporate transformation.

True Synergy consultants work with top management in diagnosing problems, making recommendations, and helping to set company goals. Once the transition begins, we work with human resources to provide company training or coaching as needed to help guide individuals on the psychological aspects of their work to adjust, become more mindful, emotionally intelligent and engaged. We transform functioning teams into high-performing ones that are collaborative and goal-centric. Finally, we work with newly minted executive leaders to develop their executive presence, become more confident, credible and influential in their roles.

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How We Are Different

As a Los Angeles-based, certified minority/woman-owned small business enterprise, we take a customized approach to corporate transformation. We are organization and human development practitioners who speak the language of business. Together with our strategic partners we have many years of experience and have combined great skills in business strategy, operations and brand marketing with wise counsel in transformational change and leadership growth. We do all of this with kindness, authenticity, professionalism, and a genuine partnership.

Our Team

We have a dispersed team of talented organizational psychologists, executive coaches, corporate trainers, assessment experts, research analysts, and strategic consultants who design and develop customized plans and interventions to meet the unique needs of our client partners. 



Gena Yuvette Davis

Dr. Gena Yuvette Davis

Organizational Psychologist, Founder and CEO


Gena Yuvette Davis, PsyD, MBA, BCC, CCP is an organizational psychologist, executive coach, corporate trainer, author, and national speaker.

Melissa Kloner

Dr. Melissa Kloner

Senior Organizational Development Account Coordinator

Melissa Kloner, Ph.D., M.A., is the Senior Organizational Development Account Coordinator for True Synergy and is responsible for a variety of tasks, including coordinating, assigning and managing client projects. 


Megan Burns

Office Operations Assistant

Megan Burns is the Office Operations Assistant for True Synergy, Inc. She is responsible for keeping the office organized and running smoothly.



Our Clients

Who Do We Serve?

We work with and support corporate leaders at primarily high-growth organizations and transformative companies, both regionally and globally, to develop their people and corporate culture with habits and mindsets that create organizational effectiveness, an inclusive environment, sustainable change, individual excellence, and overall brand profitability.

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